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Have Questions?
Have Questions?

Meal Plans

Taking control of your eating habits is the first step to pursuing a healthy lifestyle but finding the time to plan, prepare, and cook all your own meals can be a daunting task. Even if you love to cook, there are those moments when time gets away from you and you succumb to the temptation and convenience of fast food. With a Kathy’s Table meal plan, you always have a fresh, healthy alternative whether it’s for every meal or just those times when you don’t feel like cooking.

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How It


Pick Your Plan

People come in all shapes and sizes and so do our meal plans. We have designed our plans around five different healthy eating goals. Whether you’re trying to burn away fat, maintain your current weight, or pack on some serious mass; we have a plan that’s right for your lifestyle.

  • Skinny Meal Plan


    Lose Weight

    275-375 Calories

    3oz.Lean Protein


    Looking to make a change in your appearance? The Skinny plan offers up low calorie meals that help you shed those last few pesky pounds.

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  • Healthy Meal Plan




    4ozLean Protein


    Feeling great already? Our Healthy plan is for those who are happy with their current physique and just want to maintain the progress they’ve already made.

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  • Paleo Meal Plan



    325-425 Calories

    5ozLean Protein

    No Grains Carbs

    On the caveman diet? Our Paleo plans are SCD-compliant so they’re completely free of grains, legumes and heavy starches but full of seasonal vegetables and packed with protein.

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  • Arnold Meal Plan


    Gain Muscle


    6ozLean Protein


    Working out? Try the Arnold, it’s the perfect plan to help you gain lean muscle without succumbing to the unhealthy habits and pitfalls of adding extra calories to your diet.

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  • Super Arnold Meal Plan


    Bulk Up

    650-800 Calories

    8-10oz.Lean Protein

    6oz. Carbs

    Serious about making gains? The Super Arnold plan features calorie-rich meals that favor protein over carbs and give you everything you need to bulk up.

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Choose How Many Meals

Decide how many meals you want to receive each week whether it’s just pre-packed lunches or dinners for the whole family.

Select Your Weekly Menu

Choose your meals from our bi-weekly rotating menu. New menu items are posted every other Tuesday and orders must be submitted by 12noon on Friday for the next week.

Receive Your Meals

Decide how many meals you want to receive each week whether it’s just pre-packed lunches or dinners for the whole family.

Reheat and Serve

Kathy’s Table meals come pre-packaged in convenient BPA-free, microwave-safe deli containers. We won’t judge you if you skip a plate and eat it straight out of the containers.

Savor and Repeat

Wasn’t that easy? You just took care of a week’s worth of meals in a matter of minutes. Just wait until you see what’s on the next menu...



With a Kathy’s Table meal plan, you no longer have to factor in time to make dinner or prepare lunch. Let us deliver a week’s worth of meals directly to your door or pick them up at a location near you.


Eating right doesn’t have to be a chore. Our meal plans are custom-designed to provide the perfect balance of carbs, protein, and nutrients to match your lifestyle and dietary requirements.


Consuming clean, fresh food isn’t only more healthy, it tastes better too. Our freshly-prepared meals are made only from the highest quality, sustainably-sourced vegetables and proteins.


Say goodbye to bland, tasteless health food. Our meals are packed with nutrients and flavor. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how delicious and satisfying it can be to eat clean and healthy!


Who says eating right is boring? Kathy’s Table meals are the cure to healthy eating fatigue. Our menu changes bi-weekly and includes a variety of options to keep mealtimes fun and exciting.


The money you spend on eating out and grocery shopping adds up quick. Starting as low as $6.20 per meal, our meal plans help you save money while reducing food waste.

Try It Out

Want to try us out before you commit a meal plan? We'll happily make a one-time delivery on your a la carte order so you can see just how convenient and delicious Kathy's Table meals can be.

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